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alternative music band Timshel was founded april 1st 1996 in Kosice (Slovakia), with the intention to do the best music ever, by: Martin Noga – guitar, Stefan Toth – drums  and Marek Gmuca – bass + vocal.

Timshel - first concert - rock club Tuba - 1996
Timshel - Ges club - already as a "hard core"

In short time Marek was replaced by Mackie and this constellation has become "hard core" till nowadays.

The beginnings were stylishly confused, but after the time they found their own face within the style called "Soft psychedelic alternative jazzrock with elements of post-subcultural ambient and neo-romantic black metal". Since then, they have been trying to look for another band playing the style, even though pointlessly so far.

Timshel - performane in IC TRAIN - Mackie, Marian Cienik, David Nemeth

In the first couple of years, several musicians with various instruments (eg the trumpet - Daniel Koniar, the guitar - David Nemeth, the vocal - Marian Cienik, etc.) had shifted, until Lukas Ujcik, playing the violin, came to the end of the millenium.

In this form, in 2002 Timshel recorded the first demo called The Thirst and played most of the performances. When Lukas left, they became trio again. In 2010, they recorded a purely instrumental demo called Timshel 2010, with significant support of computer Duro. In the year 2015, Daniel Koniar returned back after the years, playing the trumpet, so after a long time as trio they enjoyed a professional qualification - the quartet.

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